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Our Mascots
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Our kids are being ripped off

Our kids are being ripped off. First no IDEA sold us the story that our children with special needs would be better off in general education classes with teachers who had no idea how to teach them and really didn't want to teach them. Now No Child Left Behind is telling us that we can measure the progress our kids are making by giving them test after test.

Our children know they are not doing well on these tests. Plus much of the information on which they are being tested is totally irrelevant to their lives but no one seems to care. The Emperor has no clothes and we have all been sold a bill of goods to believe that students with disabilities will do well in adult life if they can pass these tests.

When will the professionals stand up and tell the truth.


Julygirl said...

It is about time someone with your expertise in the field spoke up about the Federal programs failure to address the real issues facing children with special educational needs.

Dr. J said...

Oh, you did post a response. I intend to keep speaking out against these policies that hurt kids but make good political noise.