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Our Mascots
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Immoral Expectations

Here we go again!  Expect more, get more.  Now we have the Common Core State Standards, that will soon be accompanied by better and tougher tests.  That will surely improved education for all kids.  Nothing could be more wrongheaded.  Ever since the publication of "Why Johnny Can't Read" back in the 50's, our country has decided that higher standards would allow all Johns and Janes to read better.
What ever happened to better teacher?  Or wonder of wonders, teaching our children the way they learn best.
Now one of our great missions is to make sure all children go to college.  Why would we do that?  Some children are not academically skilled even with the best teachers in the world.  Are they stupid?  NO, they just have different skills and those differing skills need to be nurtured and respected in the same way we nurture and respect academic skills.  People with mechanical ability may not need college to fulfill their talents.  The same may be true of children with artistic ability.
To insist that all children learn the same things and in the same way, is not just wrong headed, it is also immoral.  It disrespects the other talents and marginalizes people's other abilities.
These attitudes also send a strong message that the only skills that count are the academic ones.  When we tell people you are not good the way you are, you need to be someone else, we are losing the great opportunities to allow them to flourish as they are.  When will we ever learn!